Thursday News

Bernardston Elementary School

Thursday News

January 9, 2020

News from Dr. Carriere:

This past Tuesday night the Winter Concert was amazing. Thank you so much to Ms. Snedeker for all of her hard work in getting the students prepared within the band and chorus. I loved seeing the large number of beginning band students. Bravo to the advanced band students who have worked long and hard. Your hard work was notable as your performance was excellent. Thank you to Ms. Wilbur Ferro for all of the beautiful student artwork displayed. It was clear that a lot of time and effort was spent teaching students with exceptional artistic detail. It was such a pleasure to see so many families who came to support their children. I know my family loved every minute of it.

Next week we will be practicing our second lock down drill with Massachusetts State Police. As we continue to practice safety drills with students it is important that we all take a moment to think of safety at BES as a whole. In the mornings during drop off we have had many cars driving too fast in the parking lot while we have students walking to get to the side walk. We have had cars hit and doors dinged. I know that all of our lives are busy and everyone is on the move from one place to another, however, this is a school and everyone deserves the right to be safe. I am asking everyone to please slow down while you are on school property for the safety of all of our children.

Lastly, I have a friendly reminder to all of those who use the school gym after school. There have been many days where I have come in to find the cafeteria, hallways, bathrooms, and gym floors littered with paper or trash. If you are coming to an event after school that is being held in the gym please be respectful.


  1. On January 24 we will have dismissal at 1:45. This is a change in the school calendar, please mark it on your calendar at home!

Dr. Carriere, Principal