Bernardston Elementary School

Serving the Communities of Bernardston & Leyden

The Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) report card for Bernardston Elementary School. Please review the letter from Dr. Carriere on the results of the report card. This letter was emailed to all families on 2/28/2022. If you would like a paper copy of this letter please reach out to Dr. Carriere at

Dear Families of Bernardston Elementary School,

I am so pleased to be starting my 3rd school year at BES! There are amazing staff members at BES who make working here so much fun. A huge thank you to all of the families who support our students and the school. This community is so supportive to the school that we could not do what we do without all of you.

As COVID continues to impact our practices I am working hard to have more exciting events and activities for all students, staff, and families. Please continue to watch the website as there will be more updates to come!


Dr. Kelly Carriere, Principal